Catan - Chinese Edition

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  • ₱2,500

Please read this first if you are considering to buy this version.

This is the german distributed edition of Catan published by KOSMOS. All words are in Chinese. There are no english words. This version contains very durable components compared to the Mayfair published version.

Card texts, rulebooks, player references are all in Chinese.

Ballista Games recommends you to buy this only if you want the components. You will still need to have a copy of the Catan 4th or 5th edition from Mayfair games for the development cards, rulebooks and player references.

Buy this when you want:

  • Better and durable Terrain Hexes and Sea Hexes
  • Miniaturized plastic roads, settlements and city models
  • Miniaturized 'Robber' plastic model
  • Smaller (mini-euro sized) resource cards with alternate art (The alternate art is the one used in Catan 5th edition) 

Please refer to the images for more information.